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Easter Special: Windows 10 IoT for free.

e.g. with the Panel PC SlimLine IK series


benefit as of now from our Easter Special!
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise comes free with all compatible industrial PCs, panel PCs and tablets that you order until April 20. – ready installed.
Ideal are, for example, our industrial panel PCs of the SlimLine IK series with Intel Core-i 7th generation (14 nm architecture, project name “Kaby Lake”). Take advantage of the proven SlimLine variety of different display diagonals, mechanical designs and options that open up a broadband industrial field of application:

SlimLine IK series Industrial Panel PCs
Openframe version of the SlimLine Panel PCs
Robust mechanics – state-of-the-art technology. The basic Openframe version of the SlimLine Panel PCs is suitable for installation from behind.
Panelmount built-in fronts in aluminium and stainless steel
For practical installation from the front, we equip your Panel PCs with IP65-protected front panels made of aluminium or stainless steel.
Panelmount front panels with rear threaded bolts
The Panelmount front panels offer IP65 protection and are quickly mounted with rear threaded bolts.
Chassis versions of Panel PCs with VESA mounting interface
The robust chassis design of the SlimLine Panel PCs offers a VESA mounting interface at the rear.
Front panels of the Panel PCs with customer-specific adaptations
The front panels of the industrial panel PCs can also be customized to your needs …
Chassis versions of the Panel PCs in customer-specific mechanics
… as well as the robust steel sheet chassis of the VESA mountable Panel PCs – for example with barcode or RFID readers.
CPU:   Intel Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 7th Generation “Kaby Lake”
OS:   Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
System memory:   4–32 GB DDR4
Storage:   min. 120 GB SSD or
min. 500 GB Harddisk
Interfaces:   2 × Gbit-Ethernet, 4 × USB 3.0, 2 × COM etc.
LCD:   15" (38,1 cm) to 21,5" (54,6 cm)
Touchscreen:   optional
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