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i-Core IPCs for long-term available Windows 7 / 10 applications


also for demanding industrial applications (e.g. image data processing) the Core-i CPUs of the 6th and 7th generation offer substantial performance reserves and are available in all our industrial PC lines.
The industrial mainboards from Protech are long-term available and offer full support for Windows 7 (i-Core 6th generation) and Windows 10 (i-Core 7th generation). An ideal setting for the 19-inch rack:

19-inch 2U industrial PC
Long-term available quality Made in Germany: Industrial PC ClassicLine on 2U (88 mm) for the 19-inch rack with 7 slots (Low Profile)
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19-inch 4U industrial PC
19-inch / 4U industrial PC with 7 slots: manufactured in in-house ESD protection zone and burn-in tested (min. 24 h), long-term availability
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CPU:   Core™ i3/i5/i7 Generation 6
Core™ i3/i5/i7 Generation 7
Chipset:   Intel® Q170 or H110
Memory:   4 GB to 64 GB DDR4 (Q170)
4 GB to 32 GB DDR4 (H110)
Storage:   min. 500 GB harddisk and/or
min. 120 GB solid-state drive
RAID option (Q170)
Drives:   CD/DVD (optional)
Expansions:   up to 5 × PCI, 2 × PCI Express, 1 × Mini PCIe
Interfaces:   2 × Gigabit-Ethernet, 4–6 × USB, DVI-D, 1–4 × Serial (COM), PS/2, Audio I/O u.v.m.
Operating system:   Windows® 7 or 10 IoT Enterprise (optional)
Inner values:   • Production in in-house ESD protection area
• Burn-in stress test (min. 24 h)
• Industrial quality components only
• Long-term availability
35 Jahre Kompetenz